Why Christina Bobb’s OAN protection of the Arizona audit is hazardous

Table of Contents OAN isn’t really a genuine news organization. And Bobb’s no journalistShe does

You can phone 1 The us Information Network host Christina Bobb’s position in the Arizona audit of the 2020 election a ton of matters: shady, irresponsible, unsafe.

Just really don’t call it journalism.

Bobb — the host of “Weekly Briefing” on OAN and a graduate of Arizona Condition University, according to her biography from the Division of Homeland Protection, where she as soon as labored — has been “covering” the audit. And when she’s at it, she has also been working with the Republican-backed audit, reportedly giving details to the Arizona Senate president and assisting with fundraising.


This is preposterous. There is actually no other phrase for it. The only factor protecting against it from currently being an massive conflict of desire between a resource and a reporter for a authentic news firm is that OAN is just not authentic at all.

OAN isn’t really a genuine news organization. And Bobb’s no journalist

It’s a right-wing media enterprise that is unabashedly pro-Donald Trump, pro-audit and anti-Joe Biden. It purports to be a news business. In truth it is a cheerleader for much-right imagining and causes.

You could try to remember OAN from previous President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 press conferences, where by “reporters” like Chanel Rion asked queries like, “Mr. President, do you contemplate the phrase ‘Chinese food’ to be racist due to the fact it is food stuff that originated from China?”

Rion followed that with, “Is it alarming that big media gamers, just to oppose you, are siding with international point out propaganda, Islamic radicals, and Latin gangs and cartels and they work proper below out of the White House with immediate accessibility to you and your group?”