“What did Fox know?”: Trump calls out Fox News for the duration of interview with rival conservative community

Donald Trump aired his personalized grievances and spun election conspiracy theories during a a person-on-just

Donald Trump aired his personalized grievances and spun election conspiracy theories during a a person-on-just one interview with the helpful A single The us News Network.

The two times-impeached a single-expression president sat down with OAN’s Dan Ball on Monday night time to claim he would have managed the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan far better than President Joe Biden, whose psychological and actual physical health he questioned.

“He’s taken us out,” Trump complained. “No, we could have gone out. We could have gone out with wonderful dignity and preserving life and almost everything else, very little to do with it. But [the media are] hoping to shield him with that.”

Trump went on at size to complain that his occasional issue with stairs was lined far extra than an occasion exactly where Biden stumbled on his way on to Air Drive Just one.

“When he fell up the stairs, fell up the stairs 3 instances, it was not on any program,” Trump explained. “If that was me, it would have been the greatest story for months, vocation-ending. It was by no means on the media, in no way on mainstream media, his trip. It truly is alright, you can journey. Gerald Ford tripped, never lived it down. I would go quite meticulously down the stairs, I you should not want to trip. You really don’t live it down with these folks. With him they never put it on.”

Trump then went on to repeat his baseless promises about election fraud.

“Why do they secure them, and with Biden, there is nothing at all — the men and women get it, eventually the men and women get it,” he said. “I acquired 75 million votes. I had the media totally against my, outdoors of by yourself and a couple of other individuals, I had the media in opposition to me as a lot as everyone has ever observed. No one particular has witnessed anything at all like it. I experienced the vicious Democrats, communists socialists, get in touch with them whatever the hell they are or they’re going to impeach you if you sneeze, and just vicious what they do, and I experienced massive tech towards me, and I was advised you won’t be able to get if you have significant tech. I had 75 million votes, extra than any sitting down president has at any time gotten. They reported he experienced 81 million, you can find no way he got 81 [million votes].”

Trump then claimed he couldn’t have dropped the election since his rally crowds were greater than Biden, whose occasions had been purposefully minimal to avert general public publicity to COVID-19.

“I would occur into Arizona and attract 45,000 folks at a rally,” Trump said. “He’d arrive into Arizona and he had 8 circles and couldn’t fill them. He had to talk to the push — he did not talk to the press because he couldn’t do that, he would not know how — but the press would be requested to fill the circles, you should, since they had no men and women, and then I was upset in Arizona and Fox named it early when I was foremost big. What did Fox know to do that?”