Palm trees aren’t just pretty

Palm trees aren’t just pretty

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Palm trees aren’t just pretty

When you go on a vacation, maybe you go to a cold country to go skiing, or maybe you go to a warm country where you think it looks like paradise. Either way, I bet you’ll have fun. But when you go on that warm vacation where laying on the beach will never get old, you’ll most likely see a couple palm trees. Don’t they look nice? Most of the time people say they want to take them home, which is basically impossible because they’re huge. But palm trees aren’t ‘just’ pretty.


This is something not many people know, but palm trees are actually used in building houses pretty often. And I don’t mean you build a house from a palm tree, but the wood is pulled apart and then woven together to be used in the walls, roof of a house but it’s also used for bridges. Palm trees are also used in smaller items some of you might find in your house. Things like brooms, baskets, wall coverings and even furniture can be made from the amazing trees. Isn’t that absolutely amazing?


When you go on a vacation, the cocktails and other alcoholic beverages cannot be missed, or maybe a mocktail is more your style. An alcoholic drink that is made from palm trees called toddy is a form of wine. It’s more of a milk like drink and it tastes pretty sweet. It’s made from the sap of different types of palm trees. After a couple hours the alcohol percentage in the sap can rise up to about 4% which is pretty awesome if you ask me. Read below more about the palm oil as a product.

Palm oil

And ofcourse, something many of us know and use already, palm oil. Palm oil is used for many things. It’s in hair and skin products because of its moisturising working. It’s also used in make-up like lip balms and lipsticks to give it that nourishing feeling and creamy texture. Things like body creams also contain palm oil most of the time. Palm oil can also be used for cooking instead of things like butter. And to add, palm oil is also used in cough syrup and even laundry detergent. So even if you think you don’t own anything that has palm oil in it, turn around the product and take a look at the ingredient list. A lot of times, you’ll find palm oil there.