OAN Interviews Female Falsely Declaring COVID-19 Vaccine Helps make Her Magnetic

As the most recent coronavirus surge ravages the country’s most unvaccinated ― and usually, most

As the most recent coronavirus surge ravages the country’s most unvaccinated ― and usually, most Republican ― populations, a single conservative news network continues to do its element to unfold phony details about COVID-19 vaccines.

Specifically, that the shots can make folks magnetic.

On Thursday, Dan Ball, a host for the conservative One The united states Information, interviewed Amelia Miller, a lady who statements she became a human magnet after finding the Pfizer vaccine.

Miller, whom Ball launched as a pre-law and political science graduate in Northern California, mentioned she got the Pfizer vaccine in June immediately after coming down with COVID-19 last December.

She stated that this earlier Sunday, she commenced “to experience this particularly sturdy metallic taste in my mouth” and remembered prior stories of folks who claimed to have quickly become magnetic after currently being vaccinated.

“I didn’t feel it,” Miller admitted. “I assumed all these videos had been hoaxes, people are performing it, like you claimed, for social media fame.”

However, she claims that she was able to adhere various kinds of steel to her skin and, inside of minutes, had that “really odd and solid metallic taste in my mouth.”

Miller tried to show her magnetism, and when one particular piece of steel did stick, the other fell off.

Ball watched Miller’s failure to, in gymnastics terms, “stick the landing,” and admitted not figuring out how to react.

“I’m speechless. I’m just likely to finish the interview suitable there, and say thank you for telling your tale, due to the fact it gets just much more data out there and persons asking concerns about the legitimacy of this shot, how well does it work?” he mentioned. 

You can enjoy the entire interview beneath courtesy of Media Issues For The united states.

Any meant magnetism is most probably brought about by one more human phenomenon: genuinely sticky pores and skin.

As any child who has trapped a spoon to their nose can notify you, some metal and even plastic objects can adhere to bare flesh ― especially following getting licked. But the “magnetism” ends when a human being sticks the metal item to their shirt sleeves or puts talcum powder on their skin 1st.

HuffPost achieved out to Ball and pointed out that sticky pores and skin is the far more very likely offender.

“I’m executing adhere to up future 7 days on it. Simply because I’m not confident. As I’m positive you are going to observe in your short article. I designed that apparent throughout the interview.”