How to Best Use Cisco N9K-C93180YC-FX Switches in a Small Office Environment


This blog post will discuss how to best use Cisco N9K-C93180YC-FX switches in a small office environment. Small offices are typically not large enough to warrant the need for a full blown network infrastructure. However, they do need some network redundancy and security. A small office can still use these switches in their network and get most of the benefits of using them.

Cisco N9K-C93180YC-FX Overview

The Cisco N9K-C93180YC-FX switch is an excellent tool for small businesses that need to connect multiple devices to a network. It is a network switch that allows you to connect multiple computers and other devices so that they can share files and data. This switch has four ports, which can connect computers and other devices. This product is great for anyone who needs a simple way to connect different devices.

Cisco N9K-C93180YC-FX Features

The Cisco N9K-C93180YC-FX is a small switch that provides high-performance, improved reliability and ease of use for small businesses. This switch has a sleek design, which makes it easy to install and use. It comes with a 1-year warranty, which you can extend to 3 years for an additional cost. It supports up to 16 ports at 10/100 Mbps speeds, which is enough for most home offices or small businesses. The switch is compatible with 802.11b/g/n wireless devices and supports all the advanced Cisco IOS features. The features such as security and quality of service. You can easily manage your network using the Cisco Connect Cloud feature on your smartphone or tablet by logging into the Cisco Connect App and connecting it to your switch via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct connection if available.

Cisco N9K-C93180YC-FX Switch Ports and Speed

A Cisco N9K-C93180YC-FX switch can be used in almost any size office environment. The number of ports on your switch will depend on your computers and other devices in your office. You may need more than one port if many devices are connected to the same network. The speed of your switch depends on the internet connection you have set up in your office or home. If you have DSL or cable internet service, you’ll want a Gigabit Ethernet switch that offers 10/100/1000 Mbps speeds over copper wiring or fiber optic cables.

Vlans Of Cisco 3850-48XS-E

VLANs of Cisco 3850-48XS-E are used to segment a network into different logical sub-networks. This is useful for various reasons, but it is most commonly used to increase security. Since it allows users on different VLANs to communicate with each other only if they have been configured for that purpose. For example, in a network with multiple departments, you may want the IT department to be able to access any network device as needed. Still, you may not want them to be able to access other departments’ devices without special permissions. VLANs can also be used simply as a way to divide up your network into smaller pieces. This allows you to easily manage your network by only configuring settings on one part of it at a time.

Security Offer By Cisco 3850-48XS-E

Cisco 3850-48XS-E Switches are a great way to keep your network secure. We all need to be more vigilant about security in today’s world. That is why you need to ensure that your devices do not get hacked into or compromised. This can happen through malware, viruses and hackers trying to access your network. When using this switch, you can rest assured knowing that it has security features that will keep your network safe from external and internal threats like hacking attempts from within your organization.

Management Of Cisco 3850-48XS-E

The management interface of the Cisco 3850-48XS-E is based on SNMP. To manage your network, you can use any standard network management software like HP Open View or IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus. This switch also supports Telnet and SSH for managing the switch from a command line interface. In most cases, however, you’ll probably want to use the web-based interface on the switch itself. The interface allows you to configure basic settings like port speed and duplex mode and monitor traffic statistics and performance information for each port on the switch.

Cisco 3850-48XS-E Power Over Ethernet

Cisco 3850-48XS-E switches support up to 48v power via 802.3af/at and 24v power via 802.3at PoE+. This means you can use standard Ethernet cables to power your devices instead of installing additional power cables or outlets. In addition, these switches have built-in Power over Ethernet Plus ports. Power over Ethernet is a technology that allows network administrators to power network devices. Devices such as access points and IP cameras use the same Ethernet cables that connect them to the network. It allows high-power devices such as IP phones and wireless access points to be powered directly from an Ethernet cable. PoE has become increasingly popular in recent years. It offers a convenient way to save on costs and reduce clutter by combining two functions into one cable.