Coffee, cocktails or brunch; Birdhouse Coffee in South Windsor has it all

1of5 Birdhouse Coffee’s brunch items include a bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich on sourdough,

By day, it’s a coffeehouse. On weekend mornings, it’s a hopping brunch spot. And on weekend evenings, it’s an after-hours cocktail and dessert destination, making creative use of its coffee-bar options for espresso martinis and spiked teas. Birdhouse Coffee in South Windsor, launched in late 2019 by the owners of Connecticut Valley Brewing Co., can do it all.

“There’s not a lot of quick and easy brunch around in this area, and we thought it’d be fun to have a little something,” says Will Palauskas, Birdhouse’s marketing and brand manager. “Over the summer, we developed it a little more, and every weekend it’s been pretty popular.”

Birdhouse boosts its rotating food menu during weekend brunch hours, supplementing snacks and pastries with hearty breakfast sandwiches and trendy avocado toast. A strawberry Nutella Liege waffle is downright decadent, with generous drizzles of chocolate-hazelnut spread, housemade strawberry compote and whipped cream. Lox, cream cheese and onion top a thick slice of everything-seeded sourdough toast, and a simple “brekkie sandwich” with egg, sharp cheddar and bacon is elevated with an excellent pesto aioli.

The menu also features brunch cocktails: Aperol spritzes, Bloody Marys and mimosas.

The food has been such a success, Palauskas says, that Birdhouse is expanding its kitchen this spring. The coffeehouse will add more breakfast and lunch options, and the kitchen will also service the brewery, with appetizers and snacks.

The brewery’s spacious taproom is available for seating, but it gets busy quickly. Brunch items are easily packaged to go if you’re more comfortable with takeout (and grab some canned beer, seltzer or cold brew on the way out.) In warmer weather, the brewery has plenty of outdoor seating.

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