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&#13 SIDNEY — Third-, fourth- and fifth-graders from Shelby and Darke counties participated in The


SIDNEY — Third-, fourth- and fifth-graders from Shelby and Darke counties participated in The Shelby County Liberty Group’s Structure Camp which was carried out at Calvary United Baptist Church, 9489 N. County Highway 25A. The camp was carried out for any college students wishing to go to.

The working day commenced with a group photo with campers exhibiting off their Structure T-shirts, intended by Doug Pence. With that the campers commenced understanding about “We the people” and why the United States Constitution is so vital, now as in the past. They figured out of the 13 colonies and the Declaration of Independence. The Preamble was highlighted with a Preamble Form pack provided to attendees.

The Invoice of Legal rights (the initially 10 amendments) were being pressured as quite critical to all United States citizens, aged as properly as youthful. As just about every Amendment was go through, it was talked about and the explanation it is also critical now. Each camper had their own Structure e book geared to their amount and created by customers of the Liberty Govt Committee.

Campers had been also learning about the Structure by way of game titles that ended up performed — a Constitution sport board with prizes supplied to camper who gained and a bingo recreation which also was a substantial achievement. The two video games highlighted important pertinent Structure info. Prizes have been also supplied to winners.

The Constitution reserve also provided phrase games, crossword puzzles and word lookups.

The emphasize of the day was the Boston Tea Party re-enactment by the campers with some as British soldiers and some others representing Colonists dressed as Indians. The Indians took terrific delight in throwing the tea into Boston Harbor.

This helped campers understand the stress the colonists had over substantial taxes imposed by King George of England. The skit was created and directed by HR Pence.

Narrator was Sophia Gish. Gish and Becca Keller also oversaw games played for the duration of break time.

Colin Claywell, of Shelby County Board of Elections, spoke briefly and introduced certificates to campers. Each camper acquired a goodie bag with a flag, pencils, pocket Structure and “Facts about Ohio” as properly as other goodies.

HR Pence mentioned, “The kids have been a satisfaction to host and they had been pretty respectful, polite and courteous.”

When the camp commenced she mentioned the young ones did not know every other but in no time they had been engaging and inclusive and every person was interacting with train other.

The Liberty group’s intend was to educate campers the United States’ beginnings and points of Structure. Lunch was served.

Govt customers of the Liberty Group aiding with the camp ended up Joe Davis, Joe Guey, Brenda Lazier, Sanna Hill-Aiken, equally Pences and Lola Billiel.

A Boston Tea Celebration re-enactment by the campers with some as British troopers and some others symbolizing Colonists dressed as Indians was held. The Indians took great delight in throwing the tea into Boston Harbor.