Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai, 21st June 2021, Prepared Update Vibhuti gets unwell

MUMBAI: Anu sitting on sofa studying magzine states to Vibhu to provide coffee fast why you

MUMBAI: Anu sitting on sofa studying magzine states to Vibhu to provide coffee fast why you consider so time to do little do the job I imagine say I have to provide new husband. Vibhu says you can provide new spouse but you are going to not get spouse like me if you research with a 1000watt bulb. You cant get design like me 100km in 1lit. Anu says these products are out dated. Vibhu states you will release when I’ll leave you. Anu states he learnt this mellow drama from his mother whole relatives is mellow spectacular, Anu gets information and states why I got electric power bill alert I gave him dollars to spend and phone calls Vibhu. Vibhu arrive and suggests I gave you income to pay back invoice did you paid. Vibhu says you tried out to spend on the net. Anu claims server was down that’s why I give you 3000rs to pay back bill for two months. Vibhu suggests I might have paid why are you makeing mess os modest matters I must have compensated it. Tiwari arrives to Vibhu’s dwelling see Vibhu and Anu preventing and listing all the things point. Anu says you need to utilised that revenue for your party. Vibhu says what energy board will do lower our offer I’ll make new electric power connection from Tiwari’s wire how much time I did that. Anu suggests I don’t believe you what materialize to you why have you turn out to be so insensitive, I know with concepts and beliefs we simply cannot receive bread but have not to be so insensitive. Vibhu claims you are trying to say I’m insensitive I really don’t have emotions prove it. Anu says you try to remember a single time we went to sector and there was one gentlemen who got epileptic attack but you run away from the scene. Vibhu suggests you do not know I noticed his eyes it was inexperienced he didn’t got epileptic attack he was possessed. Anu states when you ran absent I took him to doctor he give hime epileptic injection and he became usual. Vibhu commences his mellow drama. Anu says Vibhu cease it you really do not have feelings for other individuals and start off shouting on vibhu. Vibhuti faints and Anu phone calls health practitioner. Tiwari suggests I will not permit you down Anu I’ll be around psychological and leaves.

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Angoori receives get in touch with she picks up and greets Ammaji. Ammaji suggests Pandit Ramphal is telling some fault in Tiwari’s horoscope so you really do not have to stress you have to prepare dinner food items and phone your neighbour for lunch and really do not permit Tiwari know about this. Angoori claims dont worry I won’t allow Tiwari know about this. Ammaji asks so who all you will be calling on feast. Angoori claims to contact Anu and Vibhu. Ammaji states dont phone Vibhu call Anu I like her. Angoori suggests it will not look fantastic you are inviting Anu but not Vibhu they are pair. Ammaji says all right simply call them I’m retaining cell phone now.

Anu, Helan, Gupta and Vibhu in bedroom. Anu asks Gupta what materialize to Vibhu is almost everything fine. Helan suggests to Anu why are you generally persecute him, why are you usually right after him everytime. Anu states I requested him for a cup of coffee for which he took 1hrs 30min. Gupta says it is not about coffee you should have stated something which made his condition worst, its not about currently he should be having this burden from previous numerous days. Helan suggests how is Vibhus helath. Gupta states he is not excellent. Anu suggests but he would seem to glimpse wonderful. Gupta states folks like this appear normal but often carrying a massive load of feelings inside of them thanks to which there BP fluctuate. Anu asks what is the procedure. Gupta suggests maintain nearby setting lite, there ought to be not rigidity all over him or else he will enter in coma. Helan suggests oh god Anu made my child ill. Anu suggests why are you accusing me, he is your kid. Vibhu moans in soreness. Gupta claims you should Anu and Helan really do not make natural environment with tenson its affecting him for some times be close friends. Anu states okay for some times I’ll not combat with you.

Angoori in kitchen cooking foods and singing song. Vibhu arrive to Angoori and begin flirting, Vibhu asks how are you. Angoori suggests I’m great but you really do not sense alright what take place to you. Vibhu states last evening my Blood pressure fluctuated. Angoori claims did Anu scolded you. Vibhu suggests no she did not scold me I was apprehensive about my long run. Angoori suggests sure you are unemployed and really do not have any vocation, Angoori states I want to invite you and Anu for evening meal tonight. Vibhuti says I’m properly great. A man occur and claims you liar and leaves. Vibhu asks who is this human being. Angoori claims he life home no. 277 with uncle. Vinbu claims but he had daughter, in any case health care provider gave me medication and reported to be happy and I’m constantly delighted around you. Angoori states bon appétit. Vibhu says initial she was selling English now she is advertising french and leaves.

TMT sitting down around tea stall. Teeka claims oh may perhaps god its to scorching bow a times. Malkhan claims to Teeka why don’t you acquired to Londons Buckingham Palace. Saxena occur to TMT and states what materialize you all are conversing about palace. Malkhan claims Saxena have you seen Buckingham palace. Saxena occur here can you see this scar, this is from a cat from Buckingham palace. Malkhan states initial tell me what you have been performing in Buckingham palace. Saxena states to TMT the garments of palace have been long gone to laundry to get cleanse, the owner of that laundry Mr. Jhon Dholay came to India 1 time and my grandfather took fantastic treatment if him and informed him about India. Tillu asks what take place just after that. Saxena suggests after that I was born and my mind was not secure attempted all over the place in India to remedy me but immediately after some time my grandfather known as Mr. Jhon Dholay then I went to Buckingham palace, about there I was addressed, I know it is difficult to consider this but this is true. Anu occur and everybody greets her. Saxena asks Anu what occur what you really don’t like. Anu claims I do not like Vibhu’s situation I dont know what happen to him his BP is fluctuating. Tillu these several matters happen we will aid you. Malkhan suggests you just give orders. Teeka states we can give our lifestyle for Vibhu. Saxena states you just give orders we are your kid I say full kanpur is your kid. Anu claims dont make kanpur my kid its ok until you. Saxena states sorry tell what we can do. Anu claims he is unhappy due to the fact of which his BP is fluctuating I want you to make him delighted. Teeka asks why is he unhappy. Malkhan claims did he do one thing. Anu suggests no I just scolded him a tiny he became sad. Saxena says do not acquire stress I’ll take it easy him. Anu suggests you just need to have to entertain him and make him happy and for this I’ll play you. TMT suggests you can pay back whatever you want. Saxena and TMT suggests dont choose rigidity we will be there to amke Vibhu content.

Tiwari sitting down in dining chair talking to himself how he will open his thoughts in entrance of Anu. Angoori appear and suggests what I listened to you created a dam. Tiwari suggests I was just singing a tune on dam. Anu and Vibhu appear and greets Angoori and Tiwari. Angoori asks Vibhu how are you sensation now. Vibhu says I’m experience improved and my BP is also in regulate. Angoori asks did a thing occur yet again. Anu suggests no its not significant I just scolded him in morning and he collapsed from that time his BP is fluctuating. Tiwari says to Vibhu do you undergo from blood stress and start out crying. Anu asks what come about to you, you also have trouble of blood stress. Tiwari states no I do not have blood force issue and commence crying says I experienced a pet puppy but his blood strain use to fluctuate so a great deal. Vibhu will get nervous and claims remember to adjust the matter and end it. Anu suggests alright he will have to be fine now and asks Angoori how are you all the things is great anything is fantastic and we are grateful you invited us on supper. Vibhuti says to Angoori its our pleasure. Angoori says welcome. Tiwari get started crying.

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Pre cap: Anu and Vibhu in there bed room. Anu says glimpse into my eyes and tell what are you seeing. Vibhu suggests I can see sheep in your eyes

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