Arizona election audit could guide to executions, if OAN gets its way

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We now solution the finish activity of Arizona’s election audit which – in some minds, at least – is not just about exposing the (supposed) conspiracy to overthrow Donald Trump.

Following up: Mass executions.

The Day by day Beast stories a One America News Community host is calling for the execution of potentially thousands of Americans who he claims had been involved in stealing the election in Arizona and somewhere else.

OAN is the much-right media outlet that is operating as the formal broadcast sponsor of the Arizona Senate’s audit.

Traitors should really be executed, OAN identity states

It is lousy enough that Senate President Karen Fann’s “unbiased, independent” auditors have teamed up with a fringe media outlet that has led the charge in peddling conspiracy theories, one whose reporter, Christina Bobb, is a former Trump administration official who is now raising money to help fund the audit.